My First Blog.

Hello Everyone,

My name is Jason Hintlian and I am an aspiring app developer at Worcester State University.  This blog will chronicle my involvement in developing several interactive iPad apps for the Worcester Art Museum using Phone Gap.  I was born and raised in Worcester, now 29, I can remember an early childhood field trip to the Worcester Art Museum. We were going to see Walt Disney’s early work; back when Mickey Mouse smoked and drank.  Needless to say, I am very excited to get started on Monday the 28th and meet with my classmates as well as the Worcester Art Museum Staff.

I expect this class will be exciting and interesting as I have never worked with Phone Gap before.  Hopefully, It will provide the perfect atmosphere for expanding my knowledge in mobile development.  I am looking forward to seeing the versatility Phone Gap can offer in a market where developers are constantly looking for an edge.  One of my top reasons for going back to school in the summer of 2010 was my interest in mobile development.  I have finally reached the point where my ambitions might become reality, it will be an amazing experience being able to contribute to the development of these apps.

I have never blogged before today, I am so happy my experience will be made really easy thanks to



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